Getting started

Launching Text Editor presents you with the My Documents screen. From this screen you can access and organise all of your files, as well as your Google Documents account.

To make use of Google Documents features, you will need a Google Documents or Google Gmail account. If you do not have an account you can tap the Create New Account button whenever Text Editor asks you for your Google Documents login details. Tapping this button will open a web page in your device’s web browser providing a link at which you can create an account.


Screen orientation

Text Editor supports both portrait and landscape screen orientations; on any screen simply rotate your device and Text Editor will adjust accordingly.


Online help

In addition to this user guide, you can access online help by tapping the (i) icon on the My Documents screen. An information panel slides up; tap the Online Help button to view the online help pages using your device’s web browser, or the OK button to close this panel and return to the My Documents screen.



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